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doc_tablet_stroller_260x240There are many reasons that our programs have been installed by over 120 hospitals.  But, ultimately it boils down to one critical thing – they work!

As the healthcare landscape continues to change, we are updating and expanding our offerings to better serve our hospitals and to meet the needs of physician offices, pharmacies and other providers and payers.


Value: clinical, economic, patient engagement and patient satisfaction

  • Consistent presentation of information to patients and families
  • Increased patient engagement, understanding and compliance
  • Reduces the amount of clinician and staff time needed to provide basic patient education
  • Assist hospitals in the discharge process and helps avoid re-admissions

We appeal to a broad audience with multiple learning styles

Your patients probably come from a large cross section of socio-economic, educational, cultural and ethnic backgrounds.  Further, patients are often stressed or affected by other factors that reduce their ability to absorb the myriad of basic instructions and education that you must communicate to them.  To effectively engage, teach or coach such a diverse group is difficult and time consuming for your staff.

Here are a few of the ways we help:

A multi-lingual library

All lessons, including associated videos, are both in English and Spanish. Additional languages can be produced.

Easily understood “writing” style

To appeal to, and be understood by, a broad socio-economic spectrum, we go to great lengths to avoid “doctor speak”.  Our lessons are presented at the same reading level as most newspapers – typically, the 5th grade reading level.  This does not mean the lessons have been “dumbed down.”  Rather, they simply avoid big words and excessive medical jargon. Feedback from the scores of hospitals already using our programs shows that patients and families at all socio-economic levels appreciate this straight-forward, simple style.

Appeals to different learning styles

Not all people learn the same way.  To accommodate different learning styles and overcome learning barriers, the lessons “speak” to the user at the same time that they provide readable text and illustrative graphics/video. This approach enables learning by those who are hard of hearing, have difficulty seeing, are auditory learners, are visual learners – or simply need the messages to be reinforced in several ways.  All lessons are richly illustrated and paced for more comprehensive learning.

Customized for your organization

Each program includes your logo identification and other customizations. If you want, we can even add custom content like special videos, text, success stories about your hospital, staff profiles and more.

Trusted by major hospitals

Our programs are trusted and integral tools in major hospitals across the country. UNC Children’s Hospital – Critical Care CenterThe Bristol-Myers Squibb Children’s Hospital at Robert Wood Johnson University HospitalWakeMed Hospital in Raleigh NC, VCU Medical Center in Richmond, VA, dozens of Veterans Administration hospitals, and a multitude of others – from large teaching hospitals to small community hospitals – love the effectiveness, ease of use and patients’ reactions to our programs.

Our programs have been installed in over 120 hospitals across the country.
Many are using more than one of our programs.

The map below shows several of the locations.

Patient educations - hospital locations

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