My wife, a NICU nurse

NICU nurses are special
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We tip our hat to this man’s wife and all the other nurses like her. And we tip our hat to this husband who obviously appreciates the courage and strength of NICU nurses. The only thing more impressive than the skill and dedication of most NICU nurses is the compassion that they have for NICU parents and their babies.

Here is what this husband has to say:

“My wife is a NICU nurse. This is an explanation of what a NICU nurse is from a husband’s perspective. I have grown tired of hearing that others believe it is a job where they sit and watch babies and change diapers. Everyday my wife goes to a job where patients have the possibility of passing away. Everyday my wife goes to a job where she sees the innocent, the beautiful, those who are precious in God’s sight struggle and fight to live. Everyday my wife goes into work not just being there for her babies but also being a shoulder to cry on, and someone to laugh with for these beautiful and heartbroken families. Everyday my wife and countless NICU nurses know that the next shift will drain them, crush them, but in the end know that it was all worth it…”  To read the full article, go here.

MetaMD provides parent education programs to hospitals to help families become more comfortable and knowledgeable about the NICU, encourage them to participate in their infant’s care in the NICU and help prepare them to care for their baby at home. The information helps ease their concerns and trains them for their role through a comprehensive set of interactive video and audio lessons. But, we recognize one IMPORTANT THING…

But, without the nurses, all the parent education in the world would not save the babies nor get the parents through such a difficult journey.


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